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Contour Map Collection

  • Silversmith
  • Jeweller

Persistence Works

Since Ptolemy 3000 years ago, maps have been used as storytelling devices. Their incredible functionality, allowing us to plan, navigate and learn, combined with the layers of personal meaning they are also able to hold, make them endlessly captivating. Combine this narrative power with the physical beauty of the pattern of the contour lines, trails, roads and symbols, and this explains why Holly finds cartography so fascinating.

Holly works with her clients to create highly bespoke pieces of jewellery & wall art from their own stories. Using the contour lines of landscapes that are meaningful to them, Holly meticulously hand cuts the topography into metal and forms, resulting in stunning, complexly layered structures. Incredibly personalisable, the precious metal jewellery pieces and large-scale blackened copper wall art are often detailed with gemstone location markers, engraved initials, coordinates and important dates.

“Maps become far more than expressions of cartography, they become holders of our memories; part of our personal journeys and to some extent, records of our passage through life itself.” Tasker, 1999.

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